Netflix Four Leg Flicks

Schools are cancelled, roads are closed. Cue up the Netflix queue – it’s a SNOW DAY! To end January, Mother Nature is supposed to blast the East Coast with a mix that could be two inches to 14 inches depending on the news outlet. This month on Netflix, it’s all about the four-legged friends! For […]


Black Lives Matter

There is no cutesy phrase of “Can’t we All get along” because those days are gone. We demand the same respect the cops demand of us. We demand that through the Fourth Amendment, ALL people are protected from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. The Fourth Amendment, however, is not a guarantee against all searches and seizures, but only those that are deemed unreasonable under the law.


Sleeplessness in America

Many days I drink too much coffee, and pledge that this is the day that I will go to sleep at a decent time. After all, I made a commitment to be sound in 2015. The next day I find myself doing it all over again, chugging caffeine until my right eye twitches, snapping at […]


If I Fall, If I Die

I worry that my children will present symptoms of depression because of my own struggle with the illness. When I was growing up, depression was whispered about during pitty-pat games or the neighborhood block party. Women who took antidepressants were reviled and don’t even THINK about a man living with this disease. African Americans didn’t […]

Delaware County Community College

America’s College Promise

“In the coming years, jobs requiring at least an associate degree are projected to grow twice as fast as jobs requiring no college experience. We will not fill those jobs – or keep those jobs on our shores – without the training offered by community colleges.” – President Barack Obama On January 8, 2015, President […]


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