Archer Season 5

Now on Netflix: March 2015

Get the popcorn popped; ass groove grooved, and remote charged. Netflix has listed their March line up! Archer, Season 5 will begin streaming on March 7, 2015. In this season, Isis is closed by the government and the gang becomes cocaine smugglers. Hilarity ensues! The complete series of A Different World will begin streaming on […]


Leapin’ Lizards!

The world’s best-loved musical returns in time-honored form. To celebrate, we are having a special event for DADDYS & DAUGHTERS in honor of ANNIE this coming SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH from 1pm – 3pm at: CUPS AND CHAIRS 701 South 5th Street (5th & Monroe Streets) Center City Philadelphia Your daughters (and your sons, too!) are […]


Tardy to the Party

I’m always late with TV shows. When everyone was hooked on Breaking Bad, I was just getting into The Wire. I have three weeks of TV shows on my DVR that will most likely be deleted for shows that the rest of the family will actually view. I’m into Bates Hotel now. I watch it […]

Praying Woman

Ash Wednesday

The Boy came home with faint dirt on his head. Ash Wednesday has come again and all I feel is the disappointment that I have had with religion for over a year. I’m trying to shake the ennui, sometimes attending church with The Mister and The Boy, but even that falls flat as the serene […]


Trapped Under the Sea

“Duck” “Duck” “Duck” “Goose!” I hop out of my seat, walk to the trash can where I generously and loudly stretch. Some giggles from my co conspirators, and we start again. The monthly staff meeting, a rah rah fest that was more fizz than sizzle, was a chore to the managers. If possible, we sent […]


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