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To keep the magic of my trip to Disneyland with Disney Social Media Moms alive, I discovered Disney Interactive Apps. The apps from Disney Interactive are a way to connect to Disney games and movies, keeping the magical memories until the next time I visit.

The afternoon I reached Disneyland, conference attendees and families were treated to hands on experience with mobile apps for Disney products. I was hesitant at first until I tried the app for Frozen: Storybook Deluxe. In the app you can choose to read or play the story Frozen. The cool part is that by turning your device, you can choose from Elsa or Anna’s point of view.

Frozen Storybook

Just in case this isn’t enough to get your Frozen fix, there’s an app dedicated to all movies Disney. For a limited time, downloading Disney Movies Anywhere and connecting it to your Apple iTunes accounts nets a free copy of The Incredibles. The app has some behind the scenes trailers, exclusive blooper reels, and specials. I was quite fond of the Pixar Easter Egg Challenge. If you think your eyes are sharp, watching the three-minute film will have you streaming Pixar movies to see the clues pointed out.

Disney Movies

Disney Animated is for the animator in you. This app lets users discover how the films are brought to life. For the Frozen fans, there is a unique way to explore every scene of the film. For fans of animation, there are never before scenes available for perusal and exploring.

Disney Animated

Timon and Pumbaa star in the Wild About Safety app. This app has safety tips for the theme parks and gives demonstrations of the consequences of unsafe behavior.

Even though he claims he’s too old, The PreTeen was all over the Club Penguin app. Club Penguin is a safe introduction to RPG for the Disney Junior set. You can explore the island with friends, adopt a puffle, and play games to earn coins and prizes.

Club Penguin 019

Other apps worth mentioning are Disney Memories HD. This app takes your photos and sprinkles some Disney Magic with characters, stickers, and frames. There’s also an alarm clock so your favorite character helps you rise and shine each day.

Disney Memories

Story allows you take pictures, add a theme, and create memories to share on Facebook, email, or the site.

Any other Disney apps you like? Leave your choices below!

Disclosure: Disney provided discounted accommodations and park tickets and also provided the most magical experiences and perks. The DSMM sponsors provided product and helped make the magic happen. All opinions magical or otherwise are my own.

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24 Responses to "Disney Interactive"

  1. Raya
    Raya 8 months ago .Reply


  2. StacieinAtlanta
    StacieinAtlanta 8 months ago .Reply

    My daughter would love the Frozen app. She just adores Elsa and Anna. I’m going to check this out with her.

  3. Shell
    Shell 8 months ago .Reply

    Thanks for sharing these apps! My niece would love anything Frozen.

  4. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?
    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? 8 months ago .Reply

    My girls love the Frozen app! The ice puzzles were great!

  5. krystal
    krystal 8 months ago .Reply

    I’d love to attend an event with Disney. Frozen is one of our favorites!

  6. karenssunnysoirees
    karenssunnysoirees 8 months ago .Reply

    This looks really cool! I still haven’t seen Frozen yet but I would like to really soon because I think my daughter would love it.

  7. Beth@FrugalFroggie
    Beth@FrugalFroggie 8 months ago .Reply

    That looks so cool!! I would really enjoy that!!

  8. The New Classy
    The New Classy 8 months ago .Reply

    I bet my niece would love the Frozen app. It looks fun!

  9. Virginia Higgins
    Virginia Higgins 8 months ago .Reply

    I know some little girls that would really enjoy the Frozen app.

  10. Brett
    Brett 8 months ago .Reply

    We love all things frozen. We have the frozen game for windows but not my phone yet!

    • Jenn
      Jenn 8 months ago .Reply

      I didn’t know about any of these apps yet! I’ll have to tell my daughter about the frozen one, she’s a big fan!

  11. Janeane Davis
    Janeane Davis 8 months ago .Reply

    This app seems quite fum. I have never met a child or adult who did not have at least one or more Disney favorites.

  12. Rosey
    Rosey 8 months ago .Reply

    I think it’s funny when one of the kids think they’re too old for an app and then they’re the one that spends the most time with it. ;) Thanks for the app share!

  13. casavilorainteriors
    casavilorainteriors 8 months ago .Reply

    I am guessing my son will be asking for this app pretty soon. looks pretty good

  14. Heather @ It's a Lovely Life!

    We’ve been using these too and having so much fun! My girls all love them and they are totally entertaining!

  15. savoryexperiments
    savoryexperiments 8 months ago .Reply

    That is really cool! It is amazing how technology enhances experiences!

  16. Tracey Tabone
    Tracey Tabone 8 months ago .Reply

    That’s a neat app! Perfect for kids who love Disney. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Amanda
    Amanda 8 months ago .Reply

    Love this! We are huge Disney fans in this house! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Rachael
    Rachael 8 months ago .Reply

    These Disney apps look great. My grandkids will love them.

  19. Joanna Sormunen
    Joanna Sormunen 7 months ago .Reply

    Disney has so many great products and ideas! It’s amazing what they come up with.

  20. Jenn
    Jenn 7 months ago .Reply

    My kids are crazy about Frozen. We need Disney Movies Anywhere!

  21. Debbie Denny
    Debbie Denny 7 months ago .Reply

    They do have some really fun and entertaining apps.

  22. sippycupmom
    sippycupmom 7 months ago .Reply

    I need to download all of these! Disney Anywhere will come in handy on trips!

  23. melinda
    melinda 7 months ago .Reply

    guess i should shoe this to Shae. they come up with great things

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