Philly From the Top

I received complimentary tickets to visit One Liberty Observation Deck.

Posing with Ben Philly From the Top

Last month, The Mister and I had the fortune to both have the same day off. As an employees of two different companies not related to the banking industry, it’s difficult to find time to spend together that doesn’t include a track meet or scouts. We spent Presidents’ Day ogling the view of Philadelphia.

One Liberty Observation, also known as Philly From the Top, offers a gorgeous view of the city even in the beginning of a snow storm.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Ben Franklin’s feet, the larger than life US diplomat, oldest member of the Constitutional Convention, first Postmaster General of the United States, writer of “Poor Richard’s Almanac, and pioneer of the first free libraries*. A “kite” led us up to the 57th floor where we ran about, calling each other to see a particular view or play with the technology.

Franklin's Feet Philly From the Top

The technology was the second best feature. Feeling like we were in a science fiction movie, The Mister and I took turns zooming on various sites in the city.

Technology Philly From the Top

Philly based tunes played lightly as we explored 360 degrees of the city. There’s even an area to celebrate the “Broad Street Bullies”.

Broad Street Bullies Philly From the Top

I was reluctant to visit, thinking I would send The Boy with The Mister instead. I thought that 57 stories above the city would trigger acrophobia. The design of the self guided tour was not scary at all. The Mister and I managed to sneak a kiss against one of the windows, with Billy Penn keeping watch.
Billy Penn Philly From The Top


*Question 68 on the USCIS (opens as a PDF) Civics exam

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