Ten Things: A Listicle Letter to My Younger Self

Dear Younger Self:

here are ten things I wish to pass on to you:

1. You *WILL* finally find that right shade of red.  It takes many years, many salons, some mishaps, and some down right ugliness, but there is a red that suits your skin tone and resembles Lucille Ball.

2. You like, no you LOVE coffee.  Don’t bother with an expensive machine.  You will replace your coffee maker about every 8 months because this will be used so much in your house.

3.  That eleven kids talk is FOOLISHNESS.  You have two (three if you count The Mister) and they do enough driving you crazy.  Can you really picture 9 more kids calling your name?

4. Yes, you should obey the law but every no isn’t truly a no.

5. That career you have planned, it’s not going to flow the way you see on TV.  So prepare for a new adventure every day.

6. Your mind needs to stay focused and clear.  You CAN do it!

7. Which leads me to do:  You CAN be your own worse enemy if you allow this to be your way of thinking.

8. You will still love Batman.  He gets less campy and more brooding.

9. Life is a journey, not a destination

10.  You will love them so much it hurts.

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    FULL DISCLOSURE: I turned 39 a week ago and I’m in an extra introspective mode. This list is a swan song for “stinking thinking”. It’s also a gift to myself to let the past go.

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    I remember when my oldest son saw “Cheaper by the Dozen” and tried to convince us to have 11 more. That is too funny! Well, you know what they say…the more kids you have, the less work they are. HAHA! I don’t believe that one for a second!

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    It was a challenge to write, if I could add two more, I’d say: That guy you LOVED, he was not worth your tears and remember how fat you thought you were? You weren’t.

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    This is such a good list. When I read the title I thought it would be easy to do, but when I read your list, I discovered I was wrong. I like your list and think you were brave to share it.

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